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Meet John Mazzola, Owner, Mazzola Construction and Consulting

Growing up, John was enthralled with the construction process. He has been exploring construction his whole life, from carrying around toy tools at age 3 to remodeling his parents’ basement at age 14. Fast forward to his collegiate career as a business student and star soccer player, he wanted construction to be a part of his future. In pursuit of that dream, he spent his summers working for the La Crosse area’s most coveted custom builder of the 80’s and 90’s, LR Ross.

John’s craftsmanship, construction, and operations knowledge was expanded further after college when he managed a local remodeling company. John quickly realized that he had a knack for running and leading crews, and he enjoyed the challenges that came with it.


During his tenure as operations manager, John learned the keys to customer service. His ability to juggle crew management, business communication, and continued learning was, and still is, astounding. Led by his entrepreneurial spirit, John started his own remodeling business in 1992. In addition to building custom additions and remodels, he began taking on larger, more

adventurous renovation projects. He had a goal of being an upscale remodeler and craftsman because it appealed to his creative nature, attention to detail, and love of great architecture. With that passion, John began specializing in the design and

construction of homes. 

His proficiency in construction, project management, customer service, and residential design was heightened as he consulted other professional builders and helped them grow and improve. This opportunity provided him the privilege of learning from

prominent builders in the Midwest. John worked alongside award-winning architects, decorators, and business leaders. At this elite level of constructing custom homes, he learned alternative building methods and techniques, worked with diverse architectural styles, and sharpened his focus on key details that are often overlooked by other builders. John desires to have a positive impact on every person who seeks his construction expertise and strives to offer his clients tremendous value without

compromising integrity.

John Mazzola would be honored to be your builder.

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